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Alex Custom Homes is all about luxury lifestyle and timeless beautiful designs!

Alex Custom Homes - Max & Anisa Kimmig

Our goal is to present useful information about our organization that makes your decision to do business with us an easy and comfortable one.

Whether your project is an addition or a full build, when you call us at Alex Custom Homes to customize your living space, you will never settle for less than exactly what fits your needs and taste! Invite lavishness and personality into your residence with detailed work from our custom home builders in the Greater Alanta, Georgia Area.

Alex Custom Homes is able to cover you from frame-to-finish on everything from small home repairs and remodeling services to large custom builds and everything in between, such as siding and roofing. While we specialize in weatherproofing existing homes statewide and building luxury estate homes, rest assured that we give each project, large or small, the same in-depth attention to detail and meticulous workmanship! Our owner-operator is onsite during every project in order to ensure perfection of the service we are in contract to provide, whether your project requires the use of our own team(s) or a sub crew team(s).

Home Remodeling without the Stress

Alex Custom Homes - Max & Anisa Kimmig

Given that a home is usually the single largest investment that one makes in their lifetime, residential construction is understandably a stressful process for homeowners. We offer services beyond the actual construction that set us apart from our competition and keep our clients stress level lower than they would be without these extra services. While costs are a very real factor when choosing a contractor, quality and integrity should at least be balanced with cost considerations if not placed as a higher priority! In light of the stress that all of this can cause, the team at Alex Custom Homes personalizes the service for each client we work for.

If your job is a quick small repair, we will walk you through each step, provide you with a start and finish date as well as outline what you can expect during the process right down to the exact materials we will use and then we keep you informed each step of the way. This virtually eliminates stress on projects that range from small repairs to 2- to 3-day roof replacements all the way up to a 2-week siding replacement job.

With more time-consuming and invasive projects like additions and custom builds, we provide you with a personal project manager to work with you throughout your build. Your project manager will create a schedule and plan for your project. They will work with you as well coordinate with the onsite contractor in details large and small to ensure the end result is the vision that was created from the beginning. Your project manager can even help you with insurance claims should your project be one that is resulting from an incident that would involve an insurance claim.

No matter the job size—small repairs, weatherproofing, exterior construction, builds, or additions—everything is done to meet and exceed the building code as well as your expectations. Send us a message online now or call us now at (678) 469-5683 or (678) 793-6474 to turn your luxury house into a "home" or to weatherproof your home or even to take care of those small repairs!