Why Build New

Are you interested in building a home? If yes, below are few reasons WHY BUILD NEW! The real estate market has plenty of offerings, from older properties and resales to new construction. Each property type has its own selling points, and you’ll have your own needs and preferences to take into consideration, but here’s why you should consider building a new home.

  1. Design Your Dream Home and start from a blank canvas. Unlike old properties, a new home allows you to personalize without having to go through too much trouble. Instate of having to renovate, you're giving a blank page to start a new chapter of your life. Customization is even easier, as buyers get to pick certain aspects as neighborhood, floor plans, rooms layout, size, elevations, flooring, appliances, lighting cabinets, colors, etc., before moving in during the building process. Today's new homes have open floor plans and high ceilings that reflect the way we live today.
  2. Energy, Comfort, Indoor Air Quality, and Cost Saving. Today’s homes are far more energy efficient than homes built just 10 years ago, build according to the latest standard and building codes. Many new homes offer different types of high-efficiency heating and cooling systems as Solar Panels, Geothermal Heat Pumps, Heat Pumps, Traditional Gas Furnace and Electric Units with high SEARS, Air Cleaning, and Filtration, high efficiency insulation, radiant barriers, double and even triple-pane windows, high efficiency insulation and spray-in foam insulation, better house wrap, and more new products. All these new products will help you to save energy and money every heating and cooling season.
  3. Low Maintenance: Today’s new home are made of cutting-edge products that required less care and maintenance. Since many items are under manufacturer warranty or builders warranty your home maintenance will be very low for the first 5 years after your move-in.
  4. All New, Under Warranty: A used home likely has tired products that may soon need replacing. Your new home — and the products that comprise it — are brand-new and under warranty. What's the cost to replace a roof, appliances, countertops or a water heater on a used home? Those components of your new home feature the latest designs and building materials and should offer you years of comfort and enjoyment before needing replacement. A new home is generally fully warrantied by the builder for a minimum of a year and most of all the other components are warrantied for extended periods.
  5. New homes offer the latest designs, style, comfort and quality. They provide a care-free lifestyle so that you can enjoy your home, not work on it.

Please contact us to help you with your dream home. You'll be glad you did.